Taken while waiting for jackfruit nachos and gin at The Mermaid Bar in Little Tokyo, LA. On the other side of this planter is the make-shift parking lot eating area, where city-people used to perpetual mingling and rhythmic summer nights sit not-as-distanced-as-I-hoped in wooden tables. It was nice seeing people happy to be together, yet my own sense of caution could not be overcome by that happiness. Something is still not right about all this, but there is no system of social support, so I remain compassionate despite my frustration.

As for the picture, well, the dimming of the day still presents its own challenges in making the most of this plastic lens. The movement of each trio of lines on the bike conveys something delicate despite it being an error of sorts.

We’ll say it’s sketchy at best, much like the haphazard socialization and commerce behind the curtain of this photo.